Retail Re/Development.

That’s ALL we do.

Retail Redevelopment

That’s ALL we do.

Retail Re/Development

Brookwood Capital Advisors works only on redeveloping shopping centers. Finding empty sites, leasing those sites to full capacity, and setting the sites up for long-term success.

Relationship Driven

We’ve been doing this for a decade, so we know the markets we work in—mostly the Southeast— and we know the tenants who tend to lease space in our centers.

Leasing on Lock

Our secret sauce is leasing. We get creative with rent and structure centers with the perfect tenant mix, in order to ensure long term stability for the project.

Proof is in the numbers.

Brookwood Capital Advisors specializes in the stabilization of shopping centers with high vacancy. Our group knows leasing and are experts in attracting strong national and regional retailers to our sites. We do this through targeted local leasing efforts and our strong relationships with key retail chains. If you want to get creative on rents and deal with a creative landlord, reach out to us about one of our projects.


Average occupancy when we buy a site


Average occupancy when we sell a site

Current Re/Development Projects

We currently have two projects in development with vacancy. Let’s talk about our deals, as well as any properties you may have for sale.