Who We Are

Ben Hamd


Ben-Wadih Hamd is the founder of Brookwood Capital Advisors. He speaks Arabic and English and will talk your ear off about value-add retail. More importantly, you can reach him at:

Wyatt Woeltje


Wyatt Woeltje is a partner in Brookwood Capital Advisors. Argus, cash flow models, all of that is his forte. The numbers man. More importantly, you can reach him at:

Jennifer DiPerna

Acquisitions Director

Jennifer is in charge of our acquisitions and dispositions from a contracts, title, and due diligence perspective. She comes from a titlework background so she makes all our closings and acquisitions easier by working directly with the title company to ensure they have everything they need. Basically the backbone of our buying and selling power.


Will Hulshof

Vice President

Will Hulshof is our offer up guy! He’s focused on leasing and developing our net lease portfolio. If you’ve gotten an email from Will it’s probably been an offer on your property, or you’ve been talking to him on renting one of our spaces. His info is:


Lydia Chernitsky-Hamd

Director of Leasing

Lydia is the director of leasing and a WIZARD at getting local, regional or national tenants interested in our spaces-She spends her days on the phone with businesses describing our projects, and figuring out deals that work for them. We all love to lease, but she’s definitely got the magic touch. A gifted artist as well so if you want to rent a space or talk art, give her a call.


Travis Bumbalough

Marketing Specialist

Travis is the marketing guy for dispositions at Brookwood Capital Advisors. If you’ve gotten an email from us, you’ve gotten it from Travis, and it’s probably about a high cap rate stabilized center we are selling. More importantly, he can be reached at:

Zane Miller

Creative Director

Zane is the design and leasing marketing person. He focuses on how to take the commercial real estate jargon and make it accessible to local businesses through our socials.

Contact us

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